Otto Bock Rotation Adapter 4R57 (USED Like New)

Otto Bock Rotation Adapter 4R57 (USED Like New)

  • Enables rotation of the flexed knee joint
  • Offers increased security while driving
  • Makes putting on shoes and sitting possible and more comfortable 
  • Easy to use rotation mechanism
  • Low rotation resistance
  • Space-saving installation option uses a threaded connection (4R57=ST)
  • Suitable for a weight of up to 150 kilograms / 330 lbs.

With the incorporation of rotation adapters 4R57 and 4R57=ST above the knee joint, the flexed lower leg can easily rotate in relation to the socket and be conveniently moved out of the way. Both models are suitable for weights up to 150 kilograms /330 lbs.

More Everyday Security and Comfort

For your customer, a rotation adapter improves security while driving, enabling him/her to swing the prosthesis out of the way. This minimizes the risk of the prosthetic foot impeding braking or accelerating and doesn’t limit the sound limb.

In addition, a rotation adapter eases daily activities like putting on shoes or changing socks because it brings the prosthetic foot within reach. The adapter also facilitates sitting with your legs crossed in a variety of positions.

The rotation adapter is easy to use: a press of a button starts the process, and the adapter locks again automatically. The low rotation resistance makes it more user-friendly.

Threaded Connector Saves Space

You can get the function of the rotation adapter in two versions: the 4R57 has a proximal pyramid adapter, and the 4R57=ST is threaded to reduce clearance. To attach, use the lamination anchor 4R111=N and the lamination anchor 4R43. The 4R57=ST should be used with the laminating aid 4X46=ST, which can be ordered separately.